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Andrew Bayer goes back to his roots on "Once Lydian"

Every time Andrew Bayer releases a new piece of music, I get excited just like the first time I ever realized how much I loved his productions. And today he returns to the label that inspired him to make music and helped make his career what it is, Anjunabeats. After an exploration into more club oriented tracks as well as some dubbier productions, he's also returned to one of the many sounds we love him for: progressive trance. Unfortunately sometimes categorizing songs in terms of genres is limiting, as is with "Once Lydian." Though it has a low key emotiveness about it through its melodic progression, there's more to it than just that, only really understandable through the listening experience. Bayer's tracks are also memorable for the way in which he names them, this time referencing the pre-Greek culture notorious for inventing the coin. Check it out below and you'll probably understand why we want everyone listening to Bayer in 2014.

Stream: Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian

Andrew Bayer

Once Lydian

  • Anjunabeats
  • ANJ291D
Dance · Trance


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7 years ago

This is electro not trance get your facts right

7 years ago
Reply to  Jamesf

Though genres are always evolving and can be arbitrary at best, we use the Beatport classification as our standard here. In my opinion, this does lie somewhere in between electro trance and progressive trance.