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Action 52 puts a funky spin on Galantis' "Smile"

Matty Night and DT Tactics are the two like minded, yet distinct house producers that make up the glitzy 1980's-disco-inspired collaboration Action 52. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the two solo artists have years of electronic music production under their belts, supplemented with live performances and extensive promotion. The coalescence of their complementary talents breeds a fresh, intoxicating approach to the current deep-house movement.

The duo put themselves on the map earlier this year with a poignant dance-centric reworking of Chromatics' disco jam "Lady". After garnering some attention from the dance music community, the two are back at it, bringing us their adaptation of the new, addictive Galantis track "Smile". Emergent kick drum rhythm initiates the tune, peppered with subtle piano enhancements, all leading up to the establishment of the beautifully uplifting vocals from the original track. The melody is incipiently chopped and repeated until the beat silences and gives way to a prominent chorus. Upon the rhythmic reintroduction, a change in mood is present, with a catchy, building note progression. Finally, we are enraptured by the long awaited drop whose understated nature ignites a sexy groove that carries on the rest of the tune. With the addition of only a handful of synths, the remainder of the track accomplishes the omnipresent goal of reaching and soothing listeners on an emotional level.

2013 was an indispensable year for Action 52, offering them opportunities to support renowned acts such as Goldroom and Kaytranada, all while refining their live production. At this rate, we should expect even more in the coming year, with promise of a steady slate of original tracks and remixes on their way.

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Action 52
7 years ago

Thanks so much for the feature! Glad you awesome music lovers liked it!