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Night Rumours 15

Find them at basement nights and warehouse one-offs reaching from New York to Montreal and overseas Berlin, a collect of conneisseuring clubbers. Void of tasteless vagabonds and cheap standards, looking to give credit where credit is due. The recent flood of clichéd counterfeits has made most music today better left unsaid, but it's the rumours stuck in our head that tug at our ego and give us the need to shine light. A compulsive urge to spread from one ear to the next, to draw a line between bottle service cogs and what is honestly the cutting edge of electronic dance music. There's no room for Vegas roller coasters or casual chit chat, just Night Rumours worth spreading.


Lord of the Isles
301C Symphony
Permanent Vacation; 2014-01-10

 One release that could not go without mention this time around was Lord of the Isles' blissful masterpiece, 301C Symphony. Out now on Permanent Vacation, the Scottish producer pulls in an aroma of soft strings and darling rhythms that will firmly pull you in at the first listen. Really. The entire release comes glazed with a cooling demeanor that takes the listener to great heights, making sure not to disrupt the flow too much. And perhaps the way the tracks are sequenced makes a big impact too. With a streamlined sequence of tracks that answer the calling of its predecessor, the EP's soundscapes morph a number of different ways from beginning to end. A display of talent this good does not come around too often nowadays.


stream: Lord of the Isles - 301C Symphony


stream: Lord of the Isles - co2o (6mins)


stream:Lord of the Isles - Fyne


stream:Lord of the Isles - Horizon Effect


stream:Lord of the Isles - Western Electric


New State of Consciousness Remixed
Mindtrip; 2014-01-20

The last time we covered Pfirter it was  for his New State of Consciousness EP last August. Coming full fircle, we now revisit some familiar tracks by way of his newest remix compilation for New State of Consciousness featuring three outstanding remixes by Lucy and Oscar Mulero. With Lucy adding his own twist on the track title and Murelo taking care of both "Iteration" and "New State of Consciousness", we get an assemblage of sparking floor tools that'll keep the night going just right. 


stream:Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness (Lucy Remix)



stream: Pfirter - Iteration (Oscar Mulero Remix)


stream:Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness (Oscar Mulero Remix)


Roberto Clementi
When You
Soma; 2014-01-27

 Soma's first release of the year doesn't get anymore solid than this. Gathering reputation as an imprint that pushes out effective material consistently, their roll continues with the unveiling of Roberto Clementi's fourth EP, When You. The Italian producer pulls off a crystalized and dubbed out experience that flows coolly. Expressing a classy minimal disposition for both original tracks "When You" and "Lei",  Par Grindvik's reconstruction of the track title sorts like a chaser with its kinetic kicks that take the original's pressured and rubbery chords to the next level. There's nothing "typical" about When You, and that is something many close followers have come to expect from Clementi.


stream: >Roberto Clementi - When You (Par Grindvik Remix)


stream:Roberto Clementi - When You (Original Remix)


stream: Roberto Clementi - Lei (Original Remix)



Fabian Feyerabendt
AYCB; 2014-01-06

 It never fails to entice when a hot EP comes out and there's no way of tracing any background information on the artist via social networks or blog. With no reachable links, prior releases, or even a simple press photo to work with its a love/hate situation we are in with Fabian Feyerabendt's NO TITLE EP. Out now on Housemeister's very own All You Can Beat imprint that had a strong year last year, 2014 opens up with equally seductive stuff. With tracks like "DONKEY" already getting wide praise for its ringing kicks and attractive explosivity, "BETTE" and "NAB" take off on a softer note that shows us the potential range of our (seemingly) anonymous producer.  


STREAM: Fabian Feyerabendt - GEEK (Original Mix)


stream:Fabian Feyerabendt - NAB (Original Mix)


stream: Fabian Feyerabendt - BETTE (Original Mix)


stream: Fabian Feyerabendt - DONKEY (Original Mix)


Delsin; 2014-01-27

 Floating around underground PA's and DJ travel bags for a while now is Vril whose discography - while still in its come up - already includes additions to compilations like Marcel Fengler's Berghain 05 and Marcel Dettmann's Conducted. As Berghain's Marcel power duo seal approval of the ardent producer, Amsterdam label, Delsin, adds on by presenting Vortekz - the label's 103rd release. A towering three tracker with a post-industrial techno screw, both sides of this record are exclusive power pebbles you want to collect. With "Vortekz" also alternating a dub version, the track stretches from a gusty warehouse twister to a slowed down and in-depth spiral that takes its time to unfold and develop. "y7/10" does wonders by closing out with a tense building groove that tinkers a sandy melody inside out.


STREAM:Vril - Vortekz


stream:Vril - Vortekz Dub


stream:Vril - y7/10


Doorman in Formant
5th Wall; 2014-01-28

By now, 5th Wall surely renders our undivided attention upon mention. Not even diving headfirst into the fact the imprint was recently named Resident Advisor's label of the month, the one thing that's always stood out is the collective aesthetic each artist contributes to the label's whole. You can listen to any track and quickly point out a signature sound. Metrist's recent delivery, Doorman in Formant, heightens things as the release itself draws a rambling techno format that seeps in and out of a pensive heed. "Third Law" sets the tone with its paced flow that feels like a time bomb ticking into a whirl of aberration. Eomac's rendition muffles in with a celestial rawness that quickly bursts into an analogue driven treat tip-toeing into a sci-fi trance. Righteousness oozes from "Leviathanks" and "Lofstrom" as Metrist's dexterity shines greatly here. Dimming the setting  for another journey that rocks back and forth these two go hand in hand - and add to a memorable first time listen. Not bad at all for a 19 year old up and comer.


stream:Metrist - Third Law


stream:Metrist - Third Law (Eomac Remix)


stream:Metrist - Lofstrom


stream:Metrist - Leviathanks


stream:strong>Metrist - Dragen Tract

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