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Daniel Caesar Sounds Like Frank Ocean & Covers James Blake's "Wilhelm Scream"

I miss Frank Ocean, so when a friend of mine revealed that he's been producing a similar young talent full of promise, that helped to fill the void. Talented producers Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett (combined credits include Drake, Eminem, and more) show they're not just talented hip-hop beatsmiths. They've guided Daniel Caesar into giving listeners a gorgeously impressive twelve minute soundscape. Caesar, a young singer from Toronto, shows off a soulful, heartbreaking voice backed only by piano on his rendition of James Blake's "The Wilhelm Scream". 

Birds of Paradise, a 3-track EP, also holds the simple-yet-breathtaking "Medulla Oblongata," sure to have you singing "let me make love to your mind" repeatedly.

Caesar's songwriting on "Birds of Paradise", witty and honest early in his career, points to a promising writing style we'll hopefully hear on his debut album. 

Very, very excited to see what Caesar, Evans, Burnett and their crew (IXXI) have planned for 2014. Stay tuned.


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