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WoodzSTHLM premieres debut EP 'Re-Thought/Re-Visited'

Last week we introduced you to 20-year-old Fredrik Eriksson and his exclusively released track "Fathers & Sons."  Hailing from Sweden, WoodzSTHLM (pronounced "Woods Stockholm") has produced for a variety of underground and mainstream artists since the dawning of his musical career. The young producer is now at the point where he is ready to debut his first solo project. Re-Thought/Re-Visited is a 5-song EP throughout which Eriksson goes on an emotional expedition within himself, and evokes the same for his listeners.

Channeling specifically the experiences of his teenage years, WoodzSTHLM awakens an array of emotions which he believes are relatable to those transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Carefully crafted, the songs uphold strategic sequence intended to elicit specific feelings at opportune moments. Eriksson wishes for each and every listener to experience the tracks in his or her own unique way, staying true to his highly artistic essence. Drawing on influences from the minimalism movement in both art and music, WoodzSTHLM repeats many short, simple sequences, changing them gradually to create a hypnotic effect. His tracks may leave you feeling just that; hypnotized. His style is undoubtedly smooth and sexy with inherent similarities to minimal house and hip hop. WoodzSTHLM maintains versatility in the makeup of his tracks, utilizing everything from old-school soul samples to modern mainstream acapellas. When broken down, it is clear the depth of thought that went into each individual song during the creation of this project.

The EP begins with a lovely, simplistic tune called "Tonight". The beat is steady and reminiscent of soft-disco, while an exquisite female vocalist is sampled in layers throughout for a soothing introduction. Next up is Give You Feat. Nicoline Tryde & Ian Boom which further pacifies the listener and creates an ambiance of beautiful sadness. "Cobain", the third track of the lot, picks up a bit with more choppy electro beats and less of a concentration on vocals. A unique bass line is the song's driving force and compels energy to start flowing in the listener. The transition to song number four, "Away" Feat. Charlie, is seamless. This is noticeably the most upbeat piece of the EP thus far. The uncertainty and heartbreak of the previous tracks melt away with each dynamic interlude and rousing drop. Finishing off the journey is "High Tide" Feat. Olle Grafstrom, the perfect end to the story.  An abstractly modified sample dances along with an uplifting beat to leave things on a happy note.

Needless to say, WoodzSTHLM has impressed us with this "coming out" project and we can only hope that the future holds more solo endeavors for this promising young Swede.

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