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TÂCHES takes you to the dance floor with "Paris"

Spanish producer, TÂCHES, released his breakout track, "Confessions," early last summer and since then has been continuing to release killer original dance tunes.  TÂCHES brings a unique relaxed vibe into heavy hitting UK garage beats, finding ways to draw influence from artists all over the dance music spectrum. His ability to merge different types of music together  derives from the influences in his own personal life, raised on the beaches of Mallorca and currently residing in London, all of which is evident in his music.  

TÂCHES newest track celebrates over 1 million plays on his Soundcloud and features deep bass lines that cut through a heavy hitting house beat.  TÂCHES finds a way to perfectly slice up the vocals to keep the focus on the killer beat.  Head over to Hype Machine to give this track some much deserved <3. 

All of the tracks produced by this incredibly talented producer are the type of song that be listen to on repeat for days and revisited months later for another round of repeat plays.  Check out his newest track and be sure to listen to some of his older tunes, which months later are just as good as the first play.  

Dance · House


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