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Plastic Plates funks with Munk's "Intimate Stranger"

 It's been a while since we've heard something new from Felix Bloxsom, the American electronic producer better known as Plastic Plates whom we last heard remixing the Miami Horror track "Real Slow". However, since December and January saw him travel from Sydney to Jakarta and now onto Guadalajara, we'll throw some forgiveness his way. Also, what better way to satiate fans' almost unquenchable thirst for new music then with a full stream of his forthcoming release, a rework of Munk's "Intimate Stranger".  Dropping February 17th on Under The Shade, Plastic Plates toys with the vocals, both playing them out, then chopping them up and intertwining them with 80s synth in an upbeat groove. Press play and free to give some social love to Felix.

Dance · House


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