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YG recruits Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj for this "My N****" remix

Compton's YG has dropped a remix of his “My N****” joint which features verses from some hip hop titans. The star-studded revamp of the now virally notorious track enjoys new life with the additional input of Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj. The standout verse comes courtesy of Weezy, as amidst rumours of a retirement after Carter V, the rapper switches up his flow to match the original track before reaching boiling point and reeling it all in to allude to “No New N****s”, which he rhymed on alongside Drake and Rick Ross.

“When it rains it pours it’s dry for me and my f****** n*****, I kill for my motherf****** n*****  vice versa, eyes red from the kush I blew, white person, got my middle finger on the trigger with my little finger to you n*****,  I swear it’s f*** all y’all n*****, except my n*****”

Meek Mill’s next up with some vintage Philly rawness and then Nicki enters with an infectious st-st-stutter as she thugs out, flexes and talks about ostriches at the same time. The DJ Mustard produced mix sees Rich Homie Quan’s original slot on one of last year’s most popular rap tunes preserved and complimented by some huge guest spots. This remix marks a solid showing from everyone involved.




"My N****" (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj)

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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