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Dzeko & Torres hit lightspeed with "Galaxy (Save My Soul Vocal Mix)"

Beware, you'll break a sweat dancing to this one. Dzeko and Torres are at it again with their newest track "Galaxy" with some lovely vocals from Alessia Rio. As a way of thanking their fans and also to celebrate reaching the 100,000 fans milestone on Facebook, the Canadian duo has just released this track as a free download. The high energy is pulsating through this hit, and I'm still in awe at how Dzeko and Torres manage to balance out the track with such sweet and calm vocals when the beat just makes me want to violently punch my hand in the air, but somehow they manage to do it, and do it well.



Dzeko & Torres

"Galaxy" (Feat. Alessia Rio) (Save My Soul Vocal Mix)

Dance · Electro · House


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