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CliffLight puts new spin on Dirty Dancing story with "Do What You Want To Me"

Did you know that girl in high school? The one with family money, who could be referred to as “Daddy’s little princess,” or a “poor little rich girl?” She probably wore pearl studs in her ears, and a pastel cardigan wrapped around her shoulders in public, but in private she had a taste for after hours dance parties, and boys from the other side of town. Well, the relatable new track “Do What You Want To Me,” from up and coming indie pop sensation CliffLight is based on her, and the attractions that can ignite between people from opposite worlds. According to front man Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd, “Think Baby from Dirty Dancing but… not quite Baby enough.”

 The track initially began as an instrumental collaboration between producer Sam Burke and bassist Rory Given of fellow indie pop group Gentleman Hall. It was then rediscovered, and vocalist Kuhn-Lloyd sent in the original demo within a matter of hours. It is one of those gems, where the writing process is so fluid and natural, which every musician lives for. And those songs often turn out to be the best live performances, even if they might be put aside for awhile. “Do What You Want To Me,” has certainly turned into just that, and the upbeat, feel good vibe will take it far.

 2014 is already scheduled to be a breakout year for the group, as “Do What You Want To Me,” was just released through well-known indie news hub Stereogum, and CliffLight is currently being scouted by both major and independent labels. This is a group engaged in serious business talks, on the verge of being signed, and if “Do What You Want,” is just a sneak peek I’d say that it’s as sure as it could be in this unpredictable industry.

 If you happen to be a concrete jungle resident, make sure to check out their NYC debut at Neon Gold’s Popshop NY at Westway on February 27th

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