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Sander Van Doorn Gives Us a Sneak Peak at "Right Here, Right Now (Neon)"

Adding vocals to a wildly successful track can easily feel like an afterthought unless the instrumental and vocal versions are released simultaneously. That could have happened with Sander van Doorn's euphoric summer 2013 record entitled "Neon," because frankly, it took three years to produce the perfect melody-wielding track and bring it to perfection for release. But it hasn't, and the updated "Right Here, Right Now (Neon)" isn't something to roll your eyes at. Featuring a just as carefully crafted vocal addition, this vocal edit has brought some new life to the original, adding a special versatility to it. "Right Here, Right Now (Neon)" will be released on DOORN on February 10th, but for now we can enjoy the radio edit via Sander's Soundcloud account.

Sander van Doorn

"Right Here, Right Now (Neon)"

  • DOORN / Spinnin'
  • February 10, 2014
Dance · Progressive


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