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Akouo Releases the First Single "Last Time" Off His Forthcoming EP Mesa [Download]

Hailing from Tasmania in the heart of the Land Down Under, Akouo is an edgy producer in search of the perfect sound - for him. He just released the first single off of his forthcoming EP Mesa, and it is a 2-step electronic jam, heavily injected with bass and what seems to be an array of chimes and bells.

Akouo released his first single through Die High Records, a high energy label out of Australia. The track is called "Last Time" and features vocals that hint at maybe the end of a relationship. Akouo uses a rather standard build up, leaning more on the dreamy side than the hard style side. As soon as you're led into his airy build up and finally get a feel for what the song might turn out to be, you're hit with an abrupt drop that uses shock value to its advantage.

Give "Last Time" a listen and stay on the lookout for the upcoming Mesa EP.



"Last Time"

  • Die High Records
  • January 21
Dance · Electro · Electronic


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