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Emoh Instead & What So Not's Chris Emerson on Ableton Liveschool

Chris Emerson of Emoh Instead and What So Not (of which Harley Streten of Flume is the other half) has really grabbed our attention in the last while. With extensive touring and tons of noteworthy remixes under his belt, Emerson's presentation for Ableton Liveschool unveils his undeniable wealth of knowledge. 

The presentation was filmed at Liveschool's INPUT event at FBi Social back in November 2013, but just recently hit the web. In full, Emerson touches on the history of Emoh Instead, What So Not, and Flume, while also giving advice for aspiring artists on how to establish oneself in the industry. As described on Liveschool's site, Chris Emerson " first reveals the aspects of a successful career in production outside of making music – the teams, personality, marketing and self promotion. Then he digs in to music – some of the techniques behind the productions and remixes from both his Emoh Instead and What So Not projects."

For anyone keen on making it in the music industry, this is definitely worth a watch. 



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Emoh Instead
7 years ago

<3 @WhatSoNot

7 years ago

@WhatSoNot @EmohInstead Loved this. So instructive and also inspiring..

Steven Hernandez
7 years ago

@WhatSoNot @EmohInstead Tune is legit AF, found on soundcloud day one #replaymode #whatsonot