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Sohight & Cheevy's seductive "Night Ride"

Sohight & Cheevy prove that the feel good is alive and well! Groovy bass, funky piano chords, hand claps, and a powerhouse 80’s-inspired saxophone solo come together for ideal cruising tunes during said “Night Ride.” Zmitrek Zhukovsky, the Cheevy half of the Russian duo, taps into some sweet falsetto vocals that lure you in with ease. Everything just makes you want grab your leather jacket and hop right in the car–who cares if there's some random Russian guy picking you up.

Kicking off their Winter Minimix, “Night Ride” sets the tone for the perfect representation of what makes these guys a hidden gem for nu-disco. They always have great upbeat energy and the most delicious vibes. "Night Ride" remains unsigned, but Sohight & Cheevy say it’s to appear on their next EP. So I can only assume they have something in the works.

Dance · Indie · Nu-disco · Pop · Synth Pop


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