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Wet - No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix ft. Spank Rock)

Wet was easily my favorite new band in 2013 and will hopefully be everyones favorite band by the end of 2014.  The Brooklyn based trio released their self titled debut EP on Neon Gold Records this fall and have received a storm of very well deserved media attention.  Today Noah Breakfast (formerly known as Xaphoon Jones) released the first official remix of the track, "No Lie" featuring the mighty Spank Rock. "No Lie" features an incredibly soft R&B beat accompanied by a soothing melody, allowing lead singer Kelly Zutrau's beautiful voice to shine.  Noah Breakfast's remix kicks the song up a notch while maintaining R&B vibes throughout. 

The remix builds the beat around Kelly's voice, allowing her perfect vocals to remain the focal point of the track, while making your shoulders bounce. "No Lie" pulls apart the raw emotions of a painful breakup and the horrible realization when love has been lost, "rain keeps failing, you don't call me, I can't shake this, I'm so anxious." Two minutes into the remix, Spank Rock answers the broken hearted lyrics calls with a rap verse, bringing to life the other side of the love story.  

This is the first remix (of hopefully many) from Wet's EP. Keep an eye out for this incredible group, and if you have the chance to see them live, do not miss the opportunity. They are the type of group that is just as good, if not better live. For the New York homies, make sure to come to Neon Gold Record's POP SHOP on February 6 at the Westway to catch Wet, Noah Breakfast, and Gems. And be sure to check out my favorite tracks from Spank Rock, "#1 Hit" and "Car Song" (ft. Santi Gold) and the Noah Breakfast remix of Passion Pit's "Conversations" (ft. Juicy J)

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"No Lie" (Noah Breakfast Remix ft. Spank Rock)

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