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NU.F.O. - "No Rest, No Sleep" (Bamboora Remix)

So, I'll admit it:

Never have I ever… listened to a track considered 'Melbourne Bounce'. But my virgin ears are so thankful for Bamboora's most recent release, a remix of fellow Bostonians NU.F.O.'s track "No Rest, No Sleep".  While the original, off NU.F.O.'s upcoming album Still Amazed, is a solid hybrid of genres that'll get you pumped, this remix will stir up some pretty explosive feelings and maybe a few volatile dance moves. Bamboora stripped the vocals down, keeping just the main elements to remind you that you won't get any rest or sleep as the big bad drums come bumping in. The vocals were also edited for a deeper sound that fit perfectly within the complex combination of heavy bass and dark synths. The resulting track is a banger that'll leave you sighing & satiated, unlike that awkward time in your college common room.




No Rest, No Sleep (Bamboora Remix)

  • 2014-1-14


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