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Chox-Mak - "Far Away" (Feat. DJ YRS Jerzy & N-Tone) (Remix)

Chox-Mak is continuing his trend of releasing solid hip hop but this time his latest offering has an R&B twist. The introduction of this twist comes courtesy of singer N-Tone, whose sleek vocals float under Mak's pacey flow on his new remix of "Far Away". The result is a track which further expands the musical boundaries of the already versatile North Carolina rapper who began his 2014 with a heavy rock remix of his banger "40 Ounces". Coaste Beats was responsible for that remix and he's back with Mak again for "Far Away", and to great effect, as although the pioneer of the "90s Flow" movement likes to keep it old skool, this latest effort feels current and has mass appeal while maintaining integral personal vibes. From the get-go we have no choice but to pay attention as N-Tone's vocals serenely flicker around the strong message of the artist behind last year's "Mak Attack Monday" series.

 "Look at the sun and stare 'til your blind, be the hottest stay modest and when you succeed then you know that your burn will be bright."

This refreshing flavour from Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy will excite the hip hop taste buds of their fans and ensure the fire the two have already cooked up stays lit as they look ahead at the new year and the potential for the new music it brings.  


chox-mak far away


"Far Away" (Feat. DJ YRS Jerzy & N-Tone) [Remix]

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