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Liars - "Mess On A Mission"

In the current industry climate, largely fueled by the Internet explosion that has significantly shortened our attention spans, it is important for even independent artists to be constantly changing styles, while retaining the core musical elements that initially attracted fans.

NYC-based band Liars nailed that concept on new track "Mess On A Mission," released in anticipation of their new album Mess, which is scheduled to be out March 25. I certainly wouldn't describe the initial release from their upcoming album as a "mess," but it is clearly on a mission, with strong promotional tactics and commercial potential in the experimental bracket. The three-piece group originated in Los Angeles, but has been prominent in the Brooklyn dance-punk scene since the early 2000s. But Liars is not to be put strictly into that genre, and have been recognized for the dramatic stylistic shifts between albums.

The track itself is a veritable explosion of emotions, anger, and elation fused with primal electronics, and executed with a loose perfection. Signed to Mute Records, which conducts its operations from London, New York, and even major EDM hub Berlin, Liars is guaranteed to deliver another new sound on Mess.

Dance · Experimental


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