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Bibio – "Down To The Sound"

What a pleasant surprise–the always agile artist Bibio returns eight months after the release of his seventh album (Silver Wilkinson) with a new song entitled "Down To The Sound". The track comes as the first new song off of Bibio's forthcoming The Green E.P., due out on January 29 via Warp Records. "Down To The Sound" finds its place as the third of six songs on the EP. If both "Down To The Sound" and the EP's intro "Dye The Water Green" (also off of Silver Wilkinson) are any indication, Stephen Wilkinson's (Bibio) next release will be a mellow, toned-down venture into acoustic bliss. 

As "Down To The Sound" begins the listener does not know what to expect, but the second that Stephen's voice kicks in the tension of the unknown releases causing eyes to droop and the mind to paint vivid pictures of pleasantries. While the song can overall be thought of as simplistic, this is what in turn draws us in. Because of the minimalistic approach every strike of a note and echo that lay outside of the repeating guitar and focused vocal-line carry a weight that alters the course of the overall journey.


The Green E.P.

  • Warp Records
  • 01-27-2014
Acoustic · Experimental · Folk · Indie


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