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Archie Bang - "Rewind" [Video]

Although many of hip hop's hot spots are only a stone's throw away from areas of crime-- the most recent example being Chicago and it's unofficial status as "Chiraq," due to it's reputation as one of America's most dangerous cities) Brooklyn has been the breeding grounds for stick up kids since forever. Flatbush native Archie Bang has seen his fair share of crime and "Rewind" is the track that'll have you watching your back once the sun settles. A chilling Sargon The Great produced tune only made better through the use of Mobb Deep's "The Start of Your Ending (41st Side,)" the song ignites a dog-eat-dog mentality that the region is now well known for.  Starting the rapper, his crew, and a pair of ultra fine Williamsburg babes, the video is Bang in the fullest sense, a swift hustler who can move in silence amidst the always loud emcees of today's scene.

Be sure to check out the video and stay tuned for Archie Bang's upcoming project, Never Say Die Vol. 1 (80's Babies), which drops on February 4th. Just remember to be home by 11. 



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