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Cashmere Cat – "With Me" (Sarazen 'In Luv' Remix) [Download]

Sarazen is a huge fan of T-Pain and he's not afraid to show it. The world has been lately seeing a resurgence in the music of our youth (circa late 90's/early-mid 2000's), and this young teenager is more than willing to guide the auto-tune star back up to his formerly high ranks in the R&B world. 

Through the combination of Drake's clever lines and T-Pain's robotic voice, embedded perfectly within Cashmere Cat's "With Me," the young producer has shown all that he is capable of with his newest work. It's pop, jersey, and all around fun mixed together as the track touches on old favorites, while still maintaining the Cashmere Cat sound. An ingenious ode to the original that strays into a style of its own.

Well done Sarazen, excited to hear what is next. 



Cashmere Cat

With Me (Sarazen 'In Luv' Remix)

Bass · Dance


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