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Auto Body – "Too Late For Words" [Premiere]

Remember that song "Through the Fire and the Flames" by Dragonforce that was featured in Guitar Hero and seemed too unreal for gameplay? When I was first introduced to something of that magnitude, I was taken back by the futuristic sounds mixed with the upfront, fast paced style that was constantly fluctuating. I have not since had this reaction until I heard "Too Late For Words" off of Auto Body's new Too Late For Words EP out February 11th via Vitalic Noise. 

Tibaut Bowman and Felix Moreno, the two components of Auto Body, are born from Austin's steamy underground houses of rock and like to consider themselves to be a fusion of disco and indie rock electro madness. The two create distorted, fuzzy pop sounds all with the arsenal of synthesizers, samplers, rattlesnakes, and a bass guitar. In their press release, Autobody threw us a fun fact: while DJing a Raconteurs afterparty in Austin, Tibaut got into it with Jack White when he asked for "less shitty disco music." To this day Tibaut regrets flipping off one of his music idols as he walked out of his own party, but doesn't regret not changing the music, because "the dance floor was packed, and I don't tell him how to play guitar."

If you like gritty disco and fast paced adrenaline music, then this lead track off the EP is for you. 


Auto Body

Too Late For Words EP

  • Vitalic Noise
  • January 14
Dance · Disco · Electro


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