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The New Division – "Stockholm" [Premiere]

These five guys from LA are putting out their sophomore LP this March and we’re here to share a glimpse of the goodness to come. 2014 is a new year for all of us, but it marks particular significance for electro outfit The New Division as all the original/intended tracks for their second project fell victim to a hard drive snafu, and the latest album is a result of starting from square one, again.

While we don’t know what the initial offerings sounded like, we also don’t really care. Because if standout track “Stockholm” is the result of going back to the drawing board, we’re happy that technology threw them a curveball.

The song is pure electronic elasticity – a consistent percussion line snapping against a bouncing melody, juxtaposed by the effortless speak-singing style of lead singer John Kunkel (kind of reminiscent of Julian Casablancas’ solo stuff). The song sounds like it could easily be in Brooklyn duo Tanlines’ repertoire, but with just a bit more high-pitch synth. Things get most interesting at the end with the audio drama building to a dub-light "drop" at 3:41 (aka the reintroduction of the vocals) that takes us home.

The LP Together We Shine (released on Division 87 Records) doesn’t come out until March, but my appetite’s been whet by “Stockholm." Here’s to hoping you’re hungry for the rest of this musical meal, too, and that the technology odds be ever in your favor.

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