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Justin Prime & Sidney Samson - "Thunderbolt"

Festival style electro-house received a fair amount of backlash toward the end of 2013. Most of the criticism focused on its lack of creativity, where in the worst cases every song could sound exactly the same.   Now in 2014, DJs Justin Prime and Sidney Samson, two titans in the electro house scene, have finally released one of the biggest and one of the more unique festival house songs of last year. Available today from Spinnin' Records, "Thunderbolt" is unmistakably made with the same big sound, blaring horns, hard style drops as many other songs in this genre. But thanks to some great production work from the duo, the song maintains a high level of energy without sounding TOO derivative of other songs in the genre.  If you went to any festival last year I guarantee you heard this song at least once.  It's definitely worth adding to your collection, especially as a reminder of 2013.  So check it out below, and grab your copy on Beatport today. 


Justin Prime & Sidney Samson

Thunderbolt (Original Mix)

  • Spinnin Records
  • 1-10-2013
Dance · Electro House


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