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Henrik José – "Fallacy"

Everything is a fallacy, at least according to Henrik José in his new lush composition entitled "Fallacy". The Berlin producer embodies the epitome of electronica pop as his newest release draws listeners in to an all-encompassing atmosphere of arpeggiated synths and calming vocals. Allowing Henrik to fully take hold makes for a rewarding experience that effortlessly picks apart the tension in even the most taxing situations.

"Fallacy" was released today as part of Paris' Life is a Banana's Volume 2 compilation, where the hybrid website/radio station seem to be reaching for the stars within their dream-inducing tracklist (cop a free download here). The fact that Henrik has remained under the radar up until this point is quite the mystery as he has been releasing similar ethereal soundscapes for quite some time. If more of the same in on the way we can expect the forward-minded and talented producer to make a splash in the near future.

Downtempo · Dreampop · Experimental · Indie · Pop · Synth


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