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Area Forty-One - Nocturnal Passions Pt. 1 [EP]

Expecting top grade releases from the Dutch imprint, Delsin, is something most electronic music connoisseurs have channeled in by now. With the label's continual delivery of enticing dance music, along with its many introductions of home bred talent, there's no denying the influence many of its catalogs have spawned on us. Area Forty_One's newest carting, Nocturnal Passions Pt. 1, testifies as a perfect example of this with its mesmeric and ever changing demeanor that grips a trippy dose of well-rounded electronic sounds for those who aren't sticklers for any sort of sonic branding.

stream:Area Forty_One - Reminiscence

The journey facilitated in Nocturnal Passions Pt 1 begins with the title track that cosmically bounds itself in a universe of tuning sounds unfolding at a constant rate. Tipped to the very miniscule detail, the air circulates around grand strings that evolve accordingly. "Reminiscence" holds a deeper consciousness that allows for introspection under a bewitching tone of falling strings set to haunt and charm at the same time.

stream: Area Forty_One - Freefall

With "Freefall" van Gemert takes a bite of the more traditional techno sounds we'd expect from the release, and even when he's touching base with our notion of expectations, he does so making sure to direct us towards a quick turn that catches us off guard with the worldly synths that feel as hollowed as they do astral. Reaching "Isolated Soul", the mood slows down as an intensity of raw soundscapes grace the show. An earnest attempt to capture the EP's recurring moods in its closing moments, the track picks up and releases a series of emotions that heighten and drop appropriately - allowing for a soft landing at the very end.


Area Forty_One

Nocturnal Passions Pt 1

  • Delsin


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