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Paul Gilmore – "Like I Imagine To Be" (Feat. Sohyeon Park) [Premiere]

“Being an independent artist is something really remarkable. This means that you are behind everything. The repertoire, the artwork, the website, the podcast, the relationships. Sounds tough, but then again the world is a tough crowd. As long as you keep having fun and keep at it, you are destined to enjoy it. This is who I am and this is what I do.”

This is how Paul Gilmore describes himself and his work speaks true to these sentiments. Today we present his latest collaboration with Sohyeon Park, “Like I Imagine to Be”.

The collaboration is project that arose from a Soundcloud interaction, when Paul accidentally stumbled upon her profile. It was love at first listen and the results are flawless. Between the airy synths, deep bassline, and Paul’s ability to highlight Soheyon’s enchanted and soulful vocals the duo makes their first collaboration piece one for praise.

It’s always nice to see how an email that could get lost somewhere in cyber space turns into a beautiful piece of production. Future collaborations for the pair are also in the works, thankfully. The track is up for free download, be sure to grab your copy now. 


Paul Gilmore

"Like I Imagine To Be" (Feat. Sohyeon Park)

  • 09-01-2013

House · Indie


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  • Big shout out to and @HerrsTruly for the feature article…! Means a lot to both me and @Sparkmusic92

    Paul Gilmore January 9, 2014 12:22 PM Reply

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