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Topaz Jones - "Livin' a Lie"

 Fame is a funny concept. Regardless of our primal attraction to those who have power or our wish for our actions to be remembered for years, we generally find ourselves at a crossroads between how we should act in regards to our morals and how you can be perceived by your audience. While applicable within most genres, rap music tends to take this concept in a passive aggressive relationship: as noted by the highbrow and downright hipster tastes of many underground listeners and their backlash against mainstream artists, which can come across as ignorant. But is it just to sacrifice your image for the possibly of fame and riches?  

Infused with some catchy pop undertones and a breathtaking hook, "Livin' a Lie" has Topaz Jones offering up his views on those who give up their true selves for materialistic purposes. While the New York emcee has the chops to flow with the best of them over this Episode produced beat, his storytelling skills are the definite highlight of the track. For more tunes from Jones, be sure to keep your eyes out for his upcoming album, The Honeymoon Suite,  and  give him a Facebook like for the download link to the track. 



Topaz Jones

"Livin' a Lie"

  • January 8th, 2013


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