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Emily Underhill – "Ghosts" (Sebastian Carter Remix)

If you are anywhere in the US right now (besides Florida and California) you are enduring the arctic wind chills from the polar vortex plaguing most of the Country.  Chuckling behind his warm cup of Earl Gray tea, UK producer Sebastian Carter has delighted us with a smooth remix of Emily Underhill’s recent release, “Ghosts,” that will warm the depths of your soul. Carter creates an atmosphere with this track that is as large and enchanting as is his ever-expanding catalog. Sweeping synthesizers reverberate as they blow past your cerebral cortex, sending a warming sensation down your spine.  Carter reworks the angelic vocals of Underhill to add a mystical feel to the track that brings everything full circle to encapsulate the euphoric vibe.  Before you embark upon the frigid winter air, let this exceptional Sebastian Carter edit warm your senses.


Dance · Deep House


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  • Good shout, always love a bit of @UnderhillEmily.

    Avatar Andy Vale January 7, 2014 4:48 PM Reply

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