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Favela. - "Easy Yoke"

Normally when one sees the word Favela they would think about Brazilian Ghettos in the city of god or possibly Diplo's musical conquest. Favela. (period is a part of the name) gives a new perception of the the name. The Leeds producer with a chillwave vibe, but has vocals similar to something like Bloc Party. The producer just broke out with this new jam titled Easy Yoke. The track features of course love, a girl and lots of sentimental metaphors. What really catches the eyes of the listener is the faint but pulsing snyth backing  violins. Who doesn't like violins? Exactly, everyone loves them. The track keeps on adding more to the arrangement with percussion to keep the listener tuned in to the track. Be prepared to see more slow and heart filed tunes in the future.



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