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Avicii - "Wake Me Up" (Bad Vision Remix)

Bad Vision is a new duo who have already built themselves a strong follower base on their first remix. Composed of Dan and Jeremy, these two were once partners producing electro music as Liberty. They've taken a different route and started over as Bad Vision producing big room house with harmonizing progressive melodies. The goal of this new project is to bring a tough rock edge and darker artistic scope to the current state of EDM. They vouch to constantly bring a large amount of new music, free remixes, videos, edits, and never a loss of momentum.  

 Their first track is a remix of Avicii's hit single "Wake Me Up", which hit number one in nearly 50 countries music charts. It seems almost everyone has heard this by now, so Bad Vision took on the challenge of remixing a radio legacy. Leaving the catchy country vocals intact, they manage to change the cheery tune into a darker structure. Where the remix really shines is with the complex big room breakdown that is utterly bone chilling. It transforms the original into a twisted rework with a progressive build that mirrors the production of Avicii himself on past work. You can listen to the track below and grab a free download of the remix from Bad Vision's Facebook page. 

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