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Michael Christmas – "Jackie Brown" (Feat. Manu Manzo) [Music Video]

A name like Michael Christmas immediately brings forth images of a short, portly man slaving over a work bench, anxiously rushing to meet his quota of toys and trinkets, due the next day. Upbeat in spirit, but peeved at his current circumstance, this little elf is straining for the sake of all the little children throughout the world; a model for his fellow North Pole employee to follow and Mr. and Mrs. Claus' favorite. However, it would be weird if we started to post family-orientated holiday stories on this website, so you should probably know better than to believe any of that. 

Unfortunately, Michael Christmas neither knows the fat man in the red suit nor does he come with toys in hand. Instead, he is an emcee and a pretty talented one at that, albeit strange or odd at times. He frequently expresses and revels in his eccentricity, which may be a little off putting to some, but also makes him stand out. In a year filled with self-loathing and insecurities, Christmas breaks from this serious mold and delves into the struggles sillier side—like discussing his feelings on Ramen Noodles or his love for anime. Perhaps he addresses ridiculous topics too often, but his lyrical ability makes it impossible to merely laugh him away. Racking up a plethora of memorable lines in each song, it has become clear that he can rap with the best of them and has something meaningful to say, even if it is packaged within tongue-and-cheek humor.

To be very blunt, his video "Jackie Brown" is one of the most charming, lighthearted videos that have come out this year and even though it isn't trying to be, it fits perfectly with the general warm holiday season atmosphere. It follows Christmas visiting a variety of Boston locales, during the fall, with his friends in tow (one being the most adorable, gangsta little girl since Raven Simone graced the Cosby Show). His personality radiates every scene, particularity when he is making fun of vain pop culture; especially when he is discovered taking a selfie behind his home, it is as hilarious as it is a great representation of our embarrassing obsession with ourselves. Majority of the time, the lovely Manu Manzo aides him in his crazy exploits, and she graces both the hook and scats at the end of the song. 

Somehow he manages to not let his antics detract from his lyrics, thanks to the emulation of his rhymes in the video. "Jackie Brown" demonstrates, once again, why he should be seriously looked at and deserves a place in your ipod. Christmas is still gearing up to release his debut mixtape, Is This Art?, in the early quarter of 2014. If you can't wait that long, feel free to run over to his soundcloud page, where he has a load of ripe songs ready for you to pick at. 

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  • Yo , great write up for @MickeyChristmas' new track featuring @manumanzo!

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