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Star Slinger - "II/IV" [Free Download]

Star Slinger is a rather visionary UK-based producer that has very little use for genre labels. A quick search of "Star Slinger" on our site will produce 390 different results, and all of the posts are categorized differently with genre tags ranging from Electronic to Experimental to Dance to Indie to Pop to Ambient and so on -- you can check, don't worry I'll wait. It is, therefore, easy to see why the British talent is such a hit around here: he sonic palette is as varied as our taste.

Star Slinger's latest creation is the 2nd installment of four in a series of free downloads leading up to New Year's Eve. The blend is aptly titled "II/IV," and it features a rather prominent sample of Neo Soul queen Erykah Badu's "My Life." Star Slinger's reimagining of the track is much livelier, and there are some real elements of funk present, particularly with the heavy bassline, but it never completely ventures off into R&B territory. There is still a dance feel present within the framework, and though the sample alone could probably stand on its own merits he provides plenty of texture to create a truly blissful sonic experience. Did I mention this was free? 

It's hard to listen to "II/IV" and not fully appreciate Star Stringer's genius, especially considering the number of moving parts and the degree of difficulty faced when dealing with a potentially overpowering sample. The drum programming is the driving force that allows Badu's earthy vocals to shine. It's music to groove to in every sense.

Stream and download Star Slinger's "II/IV" below, get tickets to see his New Year's Eve performance in Chicago here, and be on the look out for the last two installments of the series.


Star Slinger


  • EMI
  • December 18, 2013

Experimental · R&B · Soul


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