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Felix Leiter – "Paradise" (Feat. Penny Foster) [Premiere]

Promoter-turned-DJ-turned-producer Felix Leiter (no, not the James Bond character; although that would be quite the sight) has been involved in the scene for what seems like ages. Releasing tracks with Strictly Rhythm, Spinnin' Records, and now John Dahlback's Mutants Records, the English artist, who you might be familiar with if you've been keeping up to date with The Club, is no stranger to the site. Breathing new life into the 2000's hit "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow & the always amazing Julie McKnight, Leiter takes the millennial breaking classic and refines it for the modern day house connoisseur by steering the song into uplifting territories.

 A euphoric journey full of smooth buildups that catch the listener's attention, mainly due to Penny Foster's breathtaking vocal ability and the piano piece that accompanies her section of the track, "Paradise" is bound to show up every DJ's mix in the months to come. Give it a listen as you get pumped for the debauchery that will go down this weekend and pick up the full version when it drops on December 16th.


Felix Leiter

"Paradise" (Feat. Penny Foster)

  • Mutant Records
  • December 16th, 2013
Dance · Exclusive · House · Progressive


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