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Mélat - "Stardate" [Video Premiere]

Recently, converting the traditional R&B sounds to accommodate the internet generation's needs has had a significant impact on the musical landscape. Traditional walls that separate genres have slowly dissolved, leaving a mad grab of influences for emerging artists to lean on, which has given listeners brand new sounds to enjoy. While this happened across the board, with rhythm and the blues it is incredibly salient, thanks to artist like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, whose fusions have garnered them massive followings. Mélat, an independent artist from Texas, maintains the same mind state and hopes to help push the sonic envelop further left.


Earlier this month, she released her latest EP, entitled Cannon Ourania: The Illumination, which demonstrated her unique perspective to making music. Even though it was only seven tracks long, it was filled to the brim with interesting ideas and a variety of sounds. Each track had its own specific atmosphere, but still properly contributed to the overall ambiance of the tape. It was a surprisingly ambitious undertaking that proved to be largely successful. 

Today, Mélat releases the visuals to her first single, "Stardate". The song rarely changes tempo or rhythm, creating an almost trance like effect, which the dark video perfectly captures. Slow moving cameras focus on the young singer's few movements, as she stares at viewers or seemingly ignores them altogether, for the  more interesting flower in her hand.  It's minimal approach, with a stark color pallet, makes it easy to zone out and forget about the real world, during your initial viewing. 

Mélat still has a long road ahead of her, but she has some serious potential. If you want to hear more her music, you should head to her souncloud page, where she has all of her old music archived.

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