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Kepler Gold - "Tipple In My Jar" [Video]

What's a tipple you may ask? Turns out it's a term used to describe excessive drinking (there's your word of the day folks.) Truthfully, I've never given UK hip hop that much of a chance, but Kepler Gold could very well be the reason to journey to the land of football and fish and chips. "Tipple In My Jar," which was a bonus track on Gold's Walking Amongst Strangers mixtape,  has the 23 year old world traveler drop some crafty bars ("I'm more in tune with the infinite, give me key lyrics just get diminished when I'm in this bitch") over some breezy production from Exile's joint project with the Los Angeles esoteric artist Blu and their single "Maybe One Day" from 2012's Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them.

Gold calls himself as "mixture of Blu and Jay Hova," and he certainly does both artists justice with the track. What's even more enjoyable is the manner in which the video is shot; all we need is a simple, straightforward set of visuals to complement the head nodding beat and smooth wordplay. Give it a watch and keep up to date with Kepler Gold before he becomes the next big thing.


kepler gold

Kepler Gold

"Tipple In My Jar"

  • December 10th, 2013


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Kepler Gold
7 years ago

Thanks for posting. Big fan of .