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GetSet – "Rainy Days"

Now I've mentioned this before and I will mention it again, but it's always such a pleasure to find out someone you work with on the music business side of things actually dabbles in the other half of the business, the creative. When Brian Delaney aka GetSet isn't busy working as a press agent over at Tommy Boy Entertainment he spends his spare time ”making music to be enjoyed by whoever wants to listen. No formulas, no rules, no guidelines.” Producing everything from electro to deep house and even some pop.

Today we have a little bit of R & B flair in his latest track “Rainy Days”.  Defying the leading tracks title name, this tune is anything but gloomy as your mind may imagine on a rainy day. But if you happen to run into a rainy day or are just feeling a bit down, turn this jam on and dance your troubles away. Get Set to find all your cures in the speaker systems and on the dance floor with this one. 



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