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Bixel Boys – Bring it On [EP]

Ian and Rob are back with yet another drop under the Bixel Boys name, releasing their EP Bring it On via Nervous Records. It's been a hectic past few months for the guys, releasing four new tracks, including two remixes and their two song EP Black December. Packed with big bass and the ever-so-lovely tech house feel Bixel Boys provides, Bring it On is a perfect release to drop at the end of the year to wrap up a 2013. The boys will be in Lake Tahoe for Snowglobe December 29th through the 31st, so if you're in the area grab a ticket and spend your last few days of the year grooving to some of the best up and coming producers the industry has to offer. Try your taste out on the new EP Bring it On below, and make sure to support Bixel Boys by picking it up on Beatport.


Bixel Boys

Bring it On EP

  • Nervous Records
  • December 10
Dance · Electronic · Tech House


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