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Craig Connelly & Shaun Gregory - "Midnight Circus"

Garuda Music label head Craig Connelly and fellow Garuda favorite Shaun Gregory have ventured a little bit out of their comfort zone today to release a track on Lange Recordings entitled "Midnight Circus." Fittingly progressive, the track maintains a trance and club feel to it but with the more laid back approach and attention to melody that comes with most releases we see from the label. Changes in synth tones and execution are what make "Midnight Circus" more than your average record, making this a song that we are sure to hear more of in live sets and mash ups as the year comes to a close.

Stream: Craig Connelly & Shaun Gregory - Midnight Circus (Original Mix)

Midnight Circus

Craig Connelly & Shaun Gregory

  • Lange Recordings
  • LANGE116
Dance · Trance


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