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Artist Remixed - Disclosure

Artist Remixed is back to bring you the milky manipulations of your favourite singles. From the increase in bedroom producers there has been an even bigger increase in remixes. Artists are now making entire EP's and LP's devoted purely to remixes, something unheard of just a decade ago. One search on Soundcloud for an original piece of work leaves you strolling through pages of unfinished productions and poorly structured remixes. Yet, out of all the mashups, edits, screw ups, and improvements there is still gold to be found. Artist Remixed is your guide to bring you straight to the cream. Why search through pages and pages when EARMILK can sift through the dross for you? This weekly feature will showcase old and new artists of all genres, yet never an original piece. Artist Remixed was created to show you bedroom producers of all genres to feed your hunger. This week Artist Remixed features Disclosure. Enjoy.



From the drinks that keep pouring till 5 am, to the girls that keep dancing till 6 am and the nights that keep going till 7 am, these eerie tracks will guide you through it all. It's best to start this Artist Remixed off with a track that is sure to grab your attention. TEED's remix certainly fits the requirement; from dark synths and shaky bass lines, it creates the perfect aura to blend with Disclosure's vocals in "F For You". Full Crate and FS Green tackle MNEK's cover of "White Noise" in a sensual mix of layered vocals and a rolling beat.

Download: Disclosure - F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Download: Disclosure - White Noise feat. MNEK (Full Crate and FS Green Remix)



Between dance and disco, summer and spring, and fresh and vibrant, you'll start your day right with these uplifting tracks that make you want to move. Danny Casio's remix is a high energy track that has a unique structure: it's catchy and uses fadeouts to synchronize with the lyrics. In contrast, Rambo V's remix is borderline electronic. It sounds tropical as it bounces around yet builds up with a break beat style.  Kidnap Kid turns "Tenderly" into a vibrant disco sounding track with a light rework of the vocals. 

Download: Disclosure - When a Fire Starts To Burn (Danny Casio Remix)

Download: Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (Rambo V Remix)

Download: Disclosure - Tenderly (Kidnap Kid Remix)



Perfectly balanced and relaxing, these remixes should take you somewhere you're not. Lifting you above your own element, they hopefully will transport you in a daze. Opening with one of the dreamiest tracks I've ever featured in this section, Purity Ring takes "I Love... That You Know" and completely slows the bpm with eerie distorted vocals. Amusement's remix on the other hand sounds like it should be the soundscape for a dream, yet not in a way you'd typically expect from this section. It's a little more upbeat yet the faded synths and washed-out effect on the vocals make it fit the criteria. 

Download: Disclosure - I Love... That You Know (Purity Ring Remix)

Download: Disclosure - Flow (Amusement Remix)

Download: Disclosure - Carnival (LittleBlackAnt Remix)



If it's instrumental, ambient, experimental, or just a strange sounding tune you'll most likely find it here, straight filtered for the interesting and artists trying new sounds.Bird Peterson usually lands himself in my trap section yet this week I find him dabbing in a different genre. He puts a dark, bass heavy spin on "Second Chance" yet still manages to leave Disclosure's vibrant synths intact.  

Download: Disclosure - Second Chance (Bird Peterson Remix)



 Lying on the beach, driving through the streets, still wishing it was July, these treats are just what you need to give you another rush of that summer mindset. To start, Colo brings us back to that summer life with a gentle remix of "I Love That You Know", it's sensual and manages to glide over you like a gust of ocean air. XYconsant's remix is easily one of the highlights in this post, it comes off as a track you might expect from an artist such as Shlohmo with distorted vocals, a slow beat and a bouncy melody. To finish this section, Onra's remix hits a soft side as it turns "F For You" into a baby making tune that is slowed down and pumped full of dreamy synths. 

Download: Disclosure - I Love That You Know (Colo Remix)

Download: Disclosure - White Noise (XYconstant Remix)

Download: Disclosure - F For You (Onra Remix)



From airhorns to 808 kicks, this section is purely for tracks that will get your elbows turned up. DUME's remix starts off with the catchy vocals from "When a Fire Starts to Burn", but takes the short lyrics and loops them over and over mixed with a 808 beat.  Mele's remix on the other hand is much more energetic: the peeking synths and rework of the melody are what made it really stick out. From a sick tune to slick licks of electronic synths, NORTHIE turns "Latch" into a "lasers fired" type remix. Lastly, J-LAH takes on "White Noise" in a cruisin' speed. Not too quick and not too slow, it seems just right as it blends the voice of AlunaGeorge with blaring snares.

Download: Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (DÜME Remix)

Download: Disclosure - Tenderly (Melé Remix)

Download: Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith (NORTHIE Remix)

Download: Disclosure - White Noise (J-LAH Remix)



Whether hip-hop rooted, bass boosted, milky fresh or purely something sinister, these remixes will keep you grooving and surely give you a reason to keep coming back. This section is on fire this week, starting off the list we have Baauer's remix of "You and Me". I can't help but mention how well Baauer can blend vocals in pop songs with his break beat sound yet still maintaining the rhythm. Next is HudMo's massive work on "White Noise", starting soft with a smooth structure, he quickly reminds you of the original with its melody yet completely turns the track on it's head with a massive rework of the beat. Finally, arguably the biggest track of 2013, Flume's remix of "You and Me". Not much to be said here, everyone should surely have heard this by now. 

Download: Disclosure - You and Me (Baauer Remix)

Download: Disclosure - White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/96379023" params="color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]



Whether it's two songs or a list of hits, these tracks combine artists' signature sounds together to make a mix of noise. No new name here at all, The Hood Internet brings another amazing mashup to EARMILK. It seems customary if I can't find any mashups for this weekly feature to at least go look at The Hood Internet's soundcloud page. Sure enough I found a mix between Disclosure and Bell Biv Deveo, which mixes the lyrics of "Posion" with the catchy tune of "When a Fire Starts to Burn". 

Download: Disclosure - When Poison Starts To Burn (The Hood Internet Mashup)



Last but certainly never the least, we have the final track that is aimed to showcase new artists. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps the complete alteration of the original vocals, but Valy Mo makes "White Noise" into a dark and bass heavy nightmare. From the very beginning it sounds as if you're not even listening to the original. It's not until the one minute mark that we start to recognize the track for what it truly is. Yet it completely shifts into a steady rocking tempo, where a funky melody creeps up on you. From start to finish, I played this song out loud and never regretted a second of the eerie bliss.  

Download: Disclosure - White Noise (Valy Mo "HARD SEX" Remix)

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