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RyanOtter - "The Rocking Asian Girlfriends"

You may not have heard of RyanOtter yet but he has got a knack for house music that you will definitely need to get familiar with. His latest track "The Rocking Asian Girlfriends" is a vibrant big room song that is great on and off the dance floor. The builds have just the right amount of energy to keep you excited for the whole six and a half minutes of the track while the slower breaks have that punchy kick that is bound to get stuck in your head (but you won't mind when it does). There are several distinct sections in this song but Otter has blended them together seamlessly with a fairly bangin' end product. Even if house music isn't typically your cup of tea, you've got to give this track a chance because the vibes are infectious.



"The Rocking Asian Girlfriends"


Dance · House · Progressive


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