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Local Natives - "Breakers" (Auto Body Remix)

Auto Body is an interesting duo from Austin, specializing in anything to do with synth-y, electro goodness. Tibaut Bowman and Felix Moreno have for us an incredible remix of the popular band from Los Angeles, Local Natives. When I first heard “Breakers” from Local Natives, I never thought it would sound so good remixed. But, I have to say I’ll have a side of Disco with this, please. 

In this remix we start off with a dreamy arpeggio that breaks down into some classic Disco sounds. The vocals are more muted and muffled, and gives it an air of mystifying electronic wonderfulness. Topping it off we hear an incredibly catchy melody that keeps your feet tapping and your head bobbing.

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Local Natives

"Breakers" (Auto Body Remix)

  • 25-11-2013


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