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Vancouver Sleep Clinic - "Collapse"

Say hello to 17-year-old Australia native Tim Bettinson, the young man behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic, who's got quite the talent for crafting ambient imagery with delicate vocals and pensive lyrics. He released his first track "Vapour" a few months ago, which mixes airy elements with the gentle tugs of an acoustic guitar. I'm not one for boxing music in genres but you could describe it as ambient folk, and yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. In his latest single "Collapse," Vancouver Sleep Clinic holds on to the acoustics but delves more into synth as he pulls you along on for a short reflective journey. "Collapse" highlights the vulnerability that comes with life's changes, as VSC repeats "We've been outgrown." The reminiscence of a not so distant, distant past and the retrospective descriptions of lost opportunities spin into a beautiful but sad tale of time gained and time lost. As VSC's somber voice echoes throughout the track, you're forced to relax, swallow the comforting sounds, and accept that sometimes less really is more.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic has shown that he's got quite a promising future ahead of him, so keep your ears and eyes open for whatever he puts out next.

'Til then, stream "Collapse" below:

Ambient · Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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