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Allie – "Rlctnt Hstlr" [Premiere]

Consider this the first official step to stardom for Canadian songstress Allie. She had just officially announced her next upcoming EP called Strange Creature, which is due on November 27. She blends r&b, funk, and soul to create a flexible style of singing with the beat backup from 2nd Son. She maybe be pretty under the radar for now, though things are shaping up for the better. Being the first vocalist to be recently signed to Los Angeles record label HuhWhat&Where Recordings, that in itself is an indicator of potential. For her official announcement of her self-released EP Strange Creature, she gives us a single off of the EP to keep us at bay. "Rlctnt Hstlr" is the name of the tune, and it boasts a psychedelic spin on a hip-hop groove. The beat is modest, giving Allie's vocals the main spotlight of the center stage. The soulfulness of her style lures you in with trippy background effects and the occasional funky guitar. Being of Jamaican, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, and Italian descent, she stays clear of being lumped into one genre and sound which we will surely hear in her impending EP.  

Keep an eye out tomorrow for Strange Creature and in the mean time, be the first take taste of her hypnotic tune below.

allie SC front cover


Strange Creatures

  • 11/27/2013
Soul · Soul-Hop


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