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Wiley - "Born In The Cold" (Klimeks Remix)

UK Grime godfather Richard Cowie goes by one of the most recognisable names in UK music; Wiley. The East London native has been making music for the well over a decade now, and is seen as one of the original grime don's. Just how influential he is, is put into context by the general public in his home town of Bow, who recently started a petition to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets requesting that a statue of Wiley be erected in a local Bow park.

Wiley recently dropped some new music on us in the form of the relaxed R&B tinged "Born In The Cold". The track was a hit with me, and in my opinion it showed Wiley back on top form after a few dips into the mainstream that didn't sit too well with myself and many others who love him for those grimey days when he ran with Boy Better Know and Roll Deep.

Today, one of my favourite producers in the UK Klimeks, who's worked with the likes of ItsNate, Piff Gang and Blizzard, has put his own little touch onto the latest offering from Wiley, with his remix of "Born In The Cold". Whereas the original had those R&B undertones, Klimeks has made the track feel a lot darker, with the vocals from Andreena Mill pitched down which gives those sinister vibes, on top of a bass laden beat that keeps to the hip hop tempo honourably whilst showing glimpses of a more alternative side with the chime-like samples breaking free to create a melody all on their own.

Wiley is currently living in Toronto at the moment, hopefully cooking up some more music for us. Klimeks has just recently released his Overnites EP, which you can stream from his Soundcloud, whilst working on various remixes and new material too.

klimeks born in the cold remix artwork


"Born In The Cold" (Klimeks Remix)

  • Self-Released
  • 25th November, 2013

Electronic · Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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