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MTNS – Salvage EP [Premiere]

MTNS, a Brisbane-based trio consisting of Tom Eggert, Joseph Thiang, and Robbie Hellberg, create encapsulating chillwave that has gained transnational recognition. Their debut release, a single titled "Lost Track of Time", was responsible for this. Existing as incredibly sedating as well as reflective, the single premeditated what was to come for MTNS: a debut EP that I have the pleasure of premiering. 

The Salvage EP includes the original "Lost Track of Time", as well as a remix by M-Phazes. The remix is chopped and screwed, similar to what we might expect Flume or Ta-Ku to come up with. The layering allows for further complexity within the track, while the tone feels more or less sombre. Additionally, us listeners are able to gouge our ears in three other brand new tracks. "Salvage" in particular caught my attention, with its hallowed out electronic sound and SOHN-esuqe vocals courtesy of Tom Eggert. 

"Fears" emphasizes the notion of percussive stability, while accentuating introspected reflectiveness within the lyrical content. "Crave" takes us down a more acoustic route, with electronic additives acting as secondary to the electric guitar and raw vocals. The speculative demure edges on a indie-rock inspired sound, displaying MTNS' ability to experiment with various genres. 

Salvage EP Cover

Ambient · Chillwave · Dark Pop · Indie


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