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Royal Dust – Royal Dust Remixes [EP]

Miguel Toro, notorious Venezuelan musician known as Royal Dust, has become an underground delight since the release of his debut LP that generated an impressive reputation for Toro . It is one of the reasons why the release for his new Royal Dust Remixes EP has been widely anticipated. It features remixes from artists like Ricardo Villalobos and Paul Frick, who mix several styles from experimental jazz and techno into a dark and soothing listening experience. Berlin's Haunt Music released the 12” on Friday November 16 and is now available for purchase for any hungry EP connoisseurs.


Stream: Royal Dust – Royal – Ricardo Villalobos Tarway Inspiration mix

Stream:Royal Dust – Truco – Paul Frick Remix

Villalobos includes a grindhouse twist for his remix, building the right amount rhythm and endless basslines that resembles the glitch jazz sound that is Royal Dust. Ricardo has built a strong reputation for his ingenious remixes, one of the reasons why his work as a remixer works so well with this track. The "Truco" remix on the B-side by Paul Frick engages the listener with an emotional rhythm that is sure to groove the right amount of rhythm to any up beat dance floor. With the use of analog synths and piano chords, his remix amplifies the electronic sound as the track eventually pulls you in minute by minute. The production behind this EP revisits the former Royal Dust LP sound, which revolves around these two artist who tackle each track with the right amount of techno fused with jazz.



Royal Dust

Royal Dust Remixes [EP]

  • 2013-11-16




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