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M.I.A. - "Double Bubble Trouble"

Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.) recently released her fourth album, Matangi, at the beginning of this month. It goes without saying that the album is about as one-of-a-kind as the artist herself. Each track is unique in sound, but a track that stood out is "Double Bubble Trouble". The track took one of my weekend party's crowds by surprise and made every person in sight move. M.I.A.'s typical compositions combine elements of electronic, dance, alternative, hip hop, and world music, but this track adds in the element of trap to her genre roster. 

M.I.A.'s recording career began 11 years ago, and it goes without saying that she has seen success in her endeavors. The compilation of multiple genres in "Double Bubble Trouble" truly showcases how she has adapted to the ebbs & flows of musical trends in today's society, while remaining unique and true to her individual style as an artist. In a short three minute track, M.I.A. has fused an electric feel with elements of reggaeton together to make for an exceptional trap-tastic experience for the listener. "Double Bubble Trouble" has a straight-to-the-point catchy and incredibly sexy rhythm that is sure to make you move. It's a track that will make an incredible addition to any playlist in need of some serious spice.

Stream: M.I.A. - Double Bubble Trouble

Dance · Electronic · Reggae · Trap · Trip-Hop


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oliver martin
oliver martin
7 years ago

this is a remix of the song
whats this songs name?