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Hefna Gwap - "Violence & Sum Knowledge"

Hefna Gwap is one of the few up-and-coming hip hop artists you should actually be a bit hype about. I say this because he shows that potential and progression are two forces to be reckoned with. Now, Gwap is relatively new to the game, but don't let that fool you. Just from watching his progression from last year to now, it's clear that this cat's got a serious drive for improvement. In order to really appreciate Gwap's craft, you have to listen to what he's saying. And by listen, I mean slow down and press your ears right up against the lyrical wordplay and appreciate the straightforwardness of it all.

Gwap doesn't try to be complicated. By telling stories and reminiscing about past experiences, he uses his words to invoke imagery that's clear and relatable. In his latest track, "Violence & Sum Knowledge" Gwap puts together yet another lyrical collage of bits of his life. I say collage because whenever I put on Gwap's music, my mind starts reeling mini-episodes filled with visuals that line up with each song's vibe and lyrics. With lines such as "Memories like a well-ordered fucking kitchen," Gwap triggers something simple and relatable without saying much. When the hook comes in, "Nigga don't ask me where I'm from," loops while Gwap goes on about violence and knowledge, which plays on the imagery of the artist, a Palo Alto native making New York his new home.

Now you can't go on about Hefna Gwap without giving a shoutout to his sense of humor, which makes its way into most of his music, with "Violence & Sum Knowledge" being no exception. Whether he switches up his voice to a more comical tone or slips in lines such as "And I hotbox while she suck my pickle," Gwap shows that he can easily balance being both serious and humorous.

Overall, listening to Gwap is a good time, so kick back, relax, and get acquainted. 

Stream "Violence & Sum Knowledge" below. 



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