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Mikky Ekko - "Kids" (The Chainsmokers Official Remix)

If there is one thing that New York based duo The Chainsmokers have it's personality and a whole hell of a lot of it. Each song they produce is carefully and meticulously molded to resound their infectious and unmistakable sound. For their latest release they have teamed up with Mikky Ekko for an official remix of his song "Kids." Kids is an anthem for the young at heart who were told to grow up but instead retorted with a big hearty middle finger salute. Life is blissful, joyful, harmonious and sweet. Kids is cry from the heart that we can eat pizza past our bed times if we damn well please. It blurts out "I still drink from straws, watch Cat Dog, eat dunkaroos, and play with my Tomagachi and to hell with you if you think I will change." Brass horns and pounding synth lines dominate the airwaves like a battle cry from the battered warriors of dreamers and doers. Life is too short to be an adult so let your inner kid out and get all juvenile with this dance floor anthem.

Dance · Electro House


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